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Science (Lower) 

“Science is about exploring, and the only way to uncover the secrets of the universe is to go and look.”

Brian Cox

At Spring Brook Lower, our teaching of Science is all about:

• asking questions

• making observations

• performing simple tests

• using ideas to suggest answers.

It is our aim across the Primary phase to:


• build up key foundational knowledge and concepts

• encourage pupils to recognise the power of rational explanation

• develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena

Science Lessons at Spring Brook Lower

Lessons are planned to include age appropriate content but taught at the child’s individual level so that they can access new knowledge, build on prior learning and continue to develop their scientific skills.

Teachers will engage and motivate pupils through practical investigations where appropriate and will recap concepts where necessary to close gaps in previous learning or correct possible scientific misconceptions. 

Teachers will deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities where activities are differentiated so that all children can have an appropriate level of support and challenge.

Intent, Implementation and Impact

More details on the intent, implementation and impact of our Science Curriculum can be viewed by following this link:

Spring Brook Lower Science Curriculum Intent


Our Assessment Tool is Dashboard, which breaks down learning into small, accessible and achievable steps.