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SBL Catch Up - 12.1.24

It has been a very artistic start to 2024 at Spring Brook Lower, as these updates show…

Class 6 Sculpture

Class 6’s Art topic this half term is SCULPTURE. The boys took on the one sheet tin foil challenge to make a person. I think you will agree they have done brilliantly. The next challenge was a group challenge. To recreate Antony Gormley’s human brick sculptures.


The boys worked together and created a piece of art entitled ‘Let sleeping Archie’s Lie’.



Class 5 Bug Hotels

How amazing are these bug hotels that Class 5 have made?

They have specially selected different textures that the bugs can make themselves cosy in – we can’t wait to see who comes to live there!

Harry’s Drawing


Harry was sad earlier this week because he didn’t think he was any good at drawing….

I don’t know about you, but we think this is fantastic!

Egyptian Collages 

How wonderful are these Egyptian collages?

Lots of tricky cutting out there boys!

Daniel’s Background Artwork

More amazing artwork, this time from Daniel in class 1. He has been creating the setting for an animated story they are making.