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SBU 7 and SBU 1 at Middle Black Clough


On our John Muir Award outdoor education trip with SBU 1 the pupils chose to go to a place previously explored - Middle Black Clough Waterfall. They decided that because of the heat they needed to stay cool under cover of trees and under the waterfall!! The trip was amazing with all of the class climbing the rocks up the river to the waterfall, hanging out in trees before they got to actually stand under the waterfall!! On the way back there were many opportunities to have a dip in the river too!
While we were at the waterfall there were two members of the public exploring the area and there were some really positive interactions between staff, children and the members of the public. We went our separate ways and then later on we bumped into the same two people in the car park. They gave me some money to buy all of the pupils ice creams and commented on how well our pupils were doing and how they deserved an ice cream!!
Well done SBU 1!!

SBU 1 - Middle Black Clough


Also out to Middle Black Clough waterfall this week were SBU 7.
This time it was raining but it doesn't matter when you're under a waterfall!!
All of the class chose the 'difficult' path choice over the 'easy' to get up to the waterfall which meant lots of climbing, scrambling and paddling through the river.
It also meant that they had to work as a team to help each other over different obstacles which was great to see.
When we finally reached the waterfall Miss Chappell couldn't help herself and went straight under with the class too!!
It was great to get the class out experiencing the natural features of the area and working together, encouraging each other to take that 'difficult' path.

SBU 7 - Middle Black Clough


Well done everyone!
Mr Hopkins