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SBU - Outdoor Education Update


Back in February, our outdoor education programme was still in full swing despite the Great British weather!!
SBU 2 were tested on their fitness by climbing up the very steep - Aldermans hill to Pots and Pans near Greenfield.
It took a while and a lot of encouragement to get to the war memorial at the top but it was well worth it for the views and the incredible rock formations created by erosion over years of wind and rain.
The war memorial was impressive to see too and stimulated discussions around the armed forces and conflicts across the world.
Well done, SBU 2!

SBU 2 - Pots and Pans



SBU 2 also tested their strength and resilience at a local scout HQ one rainy week.
This involved a bouldering challenge - traversing across the climbing wall in the HQ, followed by a climb up to the 'crows nest' in the roof space.
The climb up offered 3 levels of difficulty - easy, medium and hard options to really test the class!
Everyone attempted this and we saw some great competition and offers of advice from all of the pupils!

SBU 2 - Scout Hut


SBU 1 had a visit to Staley Brook in Tameside to explore the local area.
We managed to navigate our way down wet and slippery slopes and find some incredible graffiti in a river tunnel.
After this we had to navigate our way down the river, crossing at one point, before we found some great swings to have a go on. Then we explored further down the trail finding some old mill ruins before returning back to school.
Some fantastic resilience shown, well done, SBU 1!

SBU 1 - Staley Brook